About the Author

Steve grew up during the 1950’s and 60’s in Abbeville, South Carolina. At that time, the communities of the town were segregated by race. As a child, he lived on Harrisburg Street with his parents, sibling and extended family. Harrisburg was one of several African American communities within this small town. It provided various business and cultural resources; there was a kindergarten, a beauty shop, a home store and a recreation center, which they called “The Center”. The Center was equipped with a basketball court and playground. During the summer, Steve visited the Center with his friends, played board games, basketball, card games, checkers, billiards and watched teenagers dance to the latest songs of Motown. This community nourished Steve’s childhood and gave him a sense of identity. Living in this cocoon of African American culture shaped his initial view of the world. Years later, he finds himself recalling the joys of this wonderful and innocent time in his life. The stories he writes are based on his experiences growing up in this community.

His primary reason for writing and recording short stories for children is to impart an oral history to the next generation. His stories have their foundation in the Christian faith. Each story has a life lesson, which is recommended to parents in their journey of rearing their children.